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#2: Why We Shouldn’t Surrender Florida to Ron DeSantis with Kaitlin Byrd

#2: Why We Shouldn’t Surrender Florida to Ron DeSantis with Kaitlin Byrd

This week, I am happy to have Kaitlin Byrd, freelance writer, political commentator, and columnist for DAME Magazine, on the show to talk about an article written by Tom Nichols in The Atlantic about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. The article has some wild takes on democracy and what the state’s leadership should and shouldn’t be able to do. We see a tendency for “blue” states to want to dismiss “red” states completely as if people living there are not voting against and being actively harmed by what’s going on with the party in power.

In this episode you will hear:

  • How the Republican party made a resurgence in Florida

  • The historical significance of how marginalized groups have been treated in the state

  • Why we cannot write off these states and still continue to move forward (a raging fire left unattended will spread!)

  • And more! 

More about Kaitlin:
Kaitlin Byrd is currently a monthly columnist for DAME Magazine and has written more than three dozen pieces about American events and politics for outlets such as the Huffington Post, The Cut, NBC Think, Bustle, and the Boston Globe. She appears weekly on the news and culture podcast, Betches Sup, run by the Betches Media group. Most active on Twitter, Kaitlin shares thoughts with more than 37,000 followers on national politics, culture, tactics, and policy — with a unique edge and unfiltered perspective. With a particular focus on white supremacy, Black feminism, American history, and where politics and policy intersect with all of the above, she has a singular take on what’s happening and what’s next for the country.

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